CQM Training

CQM hosts several training programs throughout the year. Most training programs are open to everyone.

Our Mission

The Madeira Chemistry Research Centre (CQM) of the University of Madeira is instrumental in the implementation of R&D activities in Chemistry and Biochemistry in the Autonomous Region of Madeira by promoting, side by side, postgraduate education, interaction with other National and International R&D Units and supplying services to the scientific and industrial communities.

Currently, CQM develops its R&D activities in the areas of Natural Products and Materials, each with its own dedicated and multidisciplinary research group across five laboratories.

CQM’s activities are also monitored by the External Advisory Board which is made up of worldly renowned and established scientists:

  • Professor Martinho Simões from Lisbon University (Portugal),
  • Professor Makoto Fujita from Department of Applied Chemistry, University of Tokyo (Japan),
  • Professor Abhay Pandit, from CÚRAM, Centre for Research in Medical Devices, National University of Irland,
  • Professor John Beutler, from National Cancer Institute – Center for Cancer Research (USA),
  • Professor Jean-Pierre Sauvage (2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry) from Institut de Science et d’Ingénierie Supramoléculaires, University of Strasbourg (France).