Researcher with Ph.D. in Chemistry or Materials Science

    • Research Grant
    • Applicants Selected
    • Application Deadline: 2018-05-19 17:00:00 (GMT/UTC +0)
    • Within the ECOFIBRAS project (Eco-sustainable valorisation of invasive vegetal species in Macaronesia to obtain fibres with industrial use, MAC/4.6d/040), supported by the Transnational Cooperation Programme Madeira-Azores-Canarias (MAC 2014-2020) towards Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the Centro de Química da Madeira (CQM), University of Madeira, Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal, is offering a post-doc fellowship for scientific research and development (M/F) as follows.

    • Reference: CQM-17-01-BPD-MAC/4.6d/040
    • Required Degree: Ph.D.
    • Scientific Areas: Chemistry, Biochemistry,
    • Duration: 2018-12-31
    • Salary: € 1 495.00

Applicants and Results

  • Applicant List

    Jaison Jeevanandam (Admitted)

    Abdelhak Jrad (Not Admitted - failed to provide all of the required documents)

    Fernando Madeira (Not Admitted - failed to provide all of the required documents)

    Deesy Pinto (Admitted)

    Abdul Kareem Thottoli (Admitted)

    Mirjana Durovic (Admitted)

    Joana M. Vasconcelos (Admitted)

    Tej Singh (Not Admitted - application submitted after deadline)

  • Selected Applicants

    Deesy Pinto

Applications Closed

  • Requirements and Limitations

    Available Positions: 1

    Required Degree: Ph.D.

    Areas of the required degree: Chemistry, Materials Science.

    Required Experience:

    The candidates must have a Ph. D. in Chemistry, Materials Science or in fields related to the project and:

    • Experience in the study and in the chemical, structural, morphological and functional characterization of natural fibers;
    • Experience in studies of thermal stability and mechanical properties of organic polymers and natural fibers;
    • Proven expertise in the use of SEM, AFM, TGA and FTIR techniques.

    Evaluation Criteria:

    By evaluation of the Curriculum Vitae of the candidates.

    Preference is given to anyone who, in addition to the previous requirements, has a doctorate in the area and/or research work (published papers with impact factor and/or patents) in the field of the project and/or in the preparation of nanocomposites based on natural fibers and inorganic nanoparticles for immobilization and delivery of drugs.

    Evaluation Pannel: João Manuel Cunha Rodrigues (President), Helena Maria Pires Gaspar Tomás (Member), Pedro Filipe Duarte Louzeiro Pires (Member), Carla Alves (Ph.D. - Substitute Member).

  • Required Documents:

    CV - Curriculum Vitae / Résumé;

    Cover Letter;

    Qualification Certificate;

    Referee (Contact information).

  • Application Submission

    Application Deadline: 2018-05-19 17:00:00 (GTM/UTC + 0)

    Reference: CQM-17-01-BPD-MAC/4.6d/040

    Applications shall be submitted within 25 days of the announcement of the public notice(Deadline 19 of May);

    Applications must be supported by an application letter, and accompanied by the following documents: one-two page motivation letter detailing the research experience relevant to project; Full Curriculum Vitae; Qualification certificate translated to English and certificated; contact of two referees (name, address and email); other supporting documents considered relevant for the evaluation of the application.

    The applications must be submitted exclusively by e-mail to indicating the reference “CQM-17-01-BPD-MAC/4.6d/040” in the email subject.

    The CQM is a National Research Unit supported and evaluated by FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia. It is a recognized “refugee welcoming organization" by the European Commission, follows the European Charter for Researchers, the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers (Commission Recommendation, Brussels, 11.3.2005, 2005/251/EC), is committed to the principle of equity in employment, and welcomes applications from all qualified individuals.

Contest Information

  • General Information

    Position: Researcher with Ph.D. in Chemistry or Materials Science

    Reference: CQM-17-01-BPD-MAC/4.6d/040

    Position Type: Research Grant

    Place of Work: CQM (Centro de Química da Madeira)

    Host Institution: CQM (Centro de Química da Madeira)

    Scientific Areas: Chemistry, Biochemistry.

    Salary: € 1 495.00

    The monthly stipend of the grant is €1495, according to the stipend table awarded directly by the Universidade da Madeira.

    Supervisor(s): João Manuel Cunha Rodrigues .

  • Work Plan

    This work is part of an international project (Madeira, Azores, and Canaries) that aims to study and valorise invasive species in the Macaronesia Region, namely Agave americana, Arundo donax, Pennisetum setaceum and Ricinus communis. The fellow will be responsible for the study of the chemical, structural, morphological, thermal and mechanical properties of fibers and for the preparation of nanocomposites based on these natural fibers.


    1. Bibliographic research;
    2. Chemical, structural, morphological and functional characterization of natural fibers;
    3. Preparation of nanocomposites based on fibers and inorganic nanoparticles;
    4. Determination of the thermal and mechanical properties of fibers and nanocomposites;
    5. Preparation of technical reports and papers.

    Note: Some of the tasks may run in parallel.

Important Dates and Times

  • Contest Dates

    Application Submission: 2018-04-19 09:00:00 until 2018-05-19 17:00:00 (GTM/UTC + 0)

    Publication of Results: 2018-06-06

    The admission lists as well as the results of each selection method and final ordering lists will be disclosed on the page of the Human Resources Unit - University of Madeira in, and on Centro de Química da Madeira webpage in All candidates shall be notified by e-mail.
  • Contract and Schedule

    Contract Duration: 2018-07-01 to 2018-12-31 renewable up to 2020-07-31