Senior researcher in Chemistry, Biochemistry, or related fields - Nanomedicine for cancer treatment, diagnostic and/or follow-up

    • Research Grant
    • Evaluating Applicants
    • Application Deadline: 2019-11-11 17:00:00 (GMT/UTC +0)
    • This call invites applications for one (1) senior researcher in Chemistry, Biochemistry, or related fields, working in the field of “Nanomedicine for cancer treatment, diagnostic and/or follow-up” with experience in Mass Spectrometry (MS).

    • Reference: ARDITI-CQM/2019/018-ISG
    • Required Degree: Ph.D.
    • Scientific Areas: Chemistry, Biochemistry,
    • Duration: 2020-08-02
    • Salary: € 2 676.24


This call is under the scope of the project “M1420-01-0145-FEDER-000005 - Centro de Química da Madeira - CQM+” cofunded by PROGRAMA OPERACIONAL REGIONAL DA MADEIRA 2014-2020 (MADEIRA 14-20). CQM+ is a project hosted by ARDITI - Regional Agency for the Development of Research, Technology and Innovation ( and has as direct beneficiary the CQM – Centro de Química da Madeira/Madeira Chemistry Research Centre ( The aim of the operation is to strengthen the research and innovation potential of CQM, to increase its critical mass and to strengthen research and innovation in the thematic areas identified as priorities  by the Research and Innovation Smart Specialization Strategy of Madeira (RIS3-RAM): "Health and Well-being", "Agro-Food Quality", "Bio-Sustainability" and the "Marine Resources and Technologies". CQM ( is a national R&D institution supported and internationally evaluated by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). The research center is hosted by the University of Madeira (, which is located in Madeira Island (, Portugal.  The research center performs world-class research in the fields of Natural Products and Materials and is currently reinforcing its research team with highly motivated and qualified researchers coming from all over the world. The recruited personnel will integrate a young, dynamic, and multicultural team focused on the development of new solutions for the improvement of human health, agri-food quality, and bio-sustainability (including the sustainable use of marine resources) aimed at improving scientific knowledge and the well-being of the Society.

Applications Closed

  • Requirements and Limitations

    Available Positions: 1

    Required Degree: Ph.D.

    Areas of the required degree: Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry.

    Required Experience:

    Typically, candidates for “Invited Scientist Grant” positions will have between 5 to 10 years of particularly relevant research experience after Ph.D., recognised research experience using MS techniques, namely MALDI TOF/TOF and should demonstrate leadership capabilities, as well as success to obtain competitive funding for research. Only candidates with an excellent scientific and curricular path will be considered (a minimum h-index of 15 will be used as reference). Experience in the transference of knowledge and technology and/or experience in MS equipment management and maintenance, characterization of nanoparticles (e.g dendrimers) by MS and biochemical laboratory skills will be valued in the evaluation process. Candidates with shorter research careers, but with an outstanding and internationally recognized Curriculum Vitae, may also be considered.

    Evaluation Criteria:

    Candidates will be evaluated and ranked based on their Curriculum Vitae (maximum 35 points), research activity (scientific/technological production and gathered competitive funding; maximum 35 points), and research proposal (maximum 30 points).

    Evaluation Pannel: João Manuel Cunha Rodrigues (President), José de Sousa Câmara (Member), Paula Cristina Machado Ferreira Castilho (Substitute Member), Rui Caldeira (Ph.D. - Member).

  • Required Documents:

    CV - Curriculum Vitae / Résumé - with the ORCID number, RESEARCHID and SCOPUS AUTHOR ID, highlighting the academic/professional achievements (including a complete list of publications);

    Complete List of Publications - included in the CV;

    Qualification Certificate - translated to English and certified;

    Research Proposal - (maximum 10000 characters) of a 2-years research project to be developed at CQM under the topic “Nanomedicine for cancer treatment, diagnostic and/or follow-up”, with the goals (e.g. expected number of publications/patents) to be achieved annually;

    Relevant Supporting Documents;

    ORCID - included in the CV;

    Scopus Author ID - included in the CV;

    ResearcherID - included in the CV;

    2 Referee (Contact information) - email address, professional telephone number, and address;

    Summary of the scientific and curricular path - with a selection of the main activities and results achieved in the last five years in the domain of MS using MALDITOF/TOF;

    List - projects/grants led by the candidate that have received competitive funding (candidates should include information concerning the sources of funding and the financial amounts involved).

  • Application Submission

    Application Deadline: 2019-11-11 17:00:00 (GTM/UTC + 0)

    Reference: ARDITI-CQM/2019/018-ISG

    Applications should be submitted in English by email to the following address: . The specific reference to the call must be indicated in the email subject. The applicants should submit a single pdf file containing all the required documents.

    Note: Incomplete applications will not be considered for evaluation.

    Deadline for application: 11/11/2019, 17:00 (Lisbon/Madeira Island Time).

    Note: The deadline for application may be extended at any time without previous notice having in mind the requirements for the positions under this call.

Contest Information

  • General Information

    Position: Senior researcher in Chemistry, Biochemistry, or related fields - Nanomedicine for cancer treatment, diagnostic and/or follow-up

    Reference: ARDITI-CQM/2019/018-ISG

    Position Type: Research Grant

    Funding Entity: ARDITI (Agência Regional para o Desenvolvimento da Investigação Tecnologia e Inovação)

    Place of Work: CQM (Centro de Química da Madeira)

    Host Institution: CQM (Centro de Química da Madeira)

    Scientific Areas: Chemistry, Biochemistry.

    Salary: € 2 676.24

    €2676,24 (Invited Scientist Grant) free of taxes; ARDITI invited scientist stipend, and regulations are determined by ARDITI  (

    Supervisor(s): João Manuel Cunha Rodrigues .

  • Work Plan

    The candidate will have the following main specific responsibilities:

    • Development of scientific/technological research under the topic “Nanomedicine for cancer treatment, diagnostic and/or follow-up.”, including the publication of results.
    • Leadership of a scientific team, simultaneously establishing close research collaborations with other senior researchers at CQM;
    • Establishment of international research collaborations;
    • Supervision/co-supervision of students at the undergraduate, master, Ph.D. and/or Post-Doc levels;
    • Elaboration and submission of applications for research funding at the national and/or European level;
    • Participation in general CQM activities, such as management, science spreading and conference/course organization.

Important Dates and Times

  • Contest Dates

    Application Submission: 2019-10-09 09:00:00 until 2019-11-11 17:00:00 (GTM/UTC + 0)

    Publication of Results: 2019-11-25

    The ranking list of candidates will be published on the ARDITI and CQM websites (, An email message with the result of the recruitment process will be sent to each applicant.
  • Contract and Schedule

    Contract Duration: 2019-12-02 to 2020-08-02 renewable up to 2020-08-31