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CQM at Ciencia no Mercado 2017

CQM at Ciência no Mercado 2017

On November 22nd CQM took part in “Ciência no Mercado” (Science at the Market), an evening organized by ARDITI to promote science and technology.

CQM’s stand explained the properties of some common molecules through molecular models, put the sense of smell of some attendees to the test with a set of pure essences, delighted the sweet-toothed with some ice-cream made with liquid nitrogen and captivated the younger attendees with the chemical traffic light and carbon dioxide filled bubbles.

“Ciência no Mercado” (Science at the Market) is a yearly event organized by ARDITI (Regional Agency for the Development of Research Technology and Innovation) as part of the celebrations of the “Semana da Ciência e da Tecnologia” (Science and Technology Week). This is a National event from “Ciência Viva”, to promote and celebrate both science and technology.  “Ciência no Mercado” allows everyone to experience, question and learn about the science and technology being created and developed at Madeira.

You can watch all of this on our latest video.

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