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5th Portuguese Mass Spectrometry Meeting

The Mass Spectrometry Group of the Portuguese Chemistry Society (SPQ) invites you to join the 5th Portuguese Mass Spectrometry Meeting (PTMS2017) to be held at Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal, from 20 to 22 September 2017. Mass spectrometry provides the most universal analytical support to fundamental and applied sciences, technological endeavours and the industry. Six Nobel prizes in the field of mass spectrometry, from 1906 to 2002, unequivocally demonstrate its importance.

Portugal has a long standing tradition in mass spectrometry that begun in 1964 at Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian. In 1975 the first Portuguese mass spectrometry research centre was created at Universidade de Lisboa and in 2008, with support from the Portuguese Science Foundation, the Portuguese Mass Spectrometry Network (RNEM) was established. In 2013, RNEM was integrated in the Portuguese roadmap of research infrastructures of strategic interest. Now, in 2017, with the beginning of a new era for mass spectrometry in Portugal it is time to gather the community.


More information at: http://ms2017.eventos.chemistry.pt.

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