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Nanoschool - 2016

The Madeira Chemistry Research Center (CQM) organizes the 9th edition of Nanoschool, from 17-21 October 2016, with Fernando Lahoz, Professor at the University of La Laguna, Canary Islands, Spain.


Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in two activities: The Nanoschool Course and the Nanoschool Conference. The first one requires filling a pre-registration form (limited vacancies) but the conference is open access thus no registration is required.




Title: "Principles and Applications of Fluorescence Spectroscopy".



  • Session 1: Basic Definitions and Principles of Fluorescence.
  • Session 2: Fluorescence Lifetimes and Quantum yields.
  • Session 3: Fluorescence Anisotropy and Resonance Energy Transfer.
  • Session 4: Practical Resolution of Applied Fluorescence Problems.


Classes venue:

17 October 2016, University of Madeira, classroom nr. 11, 15h00-17h00.

18, 20 & 21 October 2016, University of Madeira, conference room 0.57, 15h00-17h00.


Registration: Required, registration form available here (until 11th October 2016).


Vacancies: 40 participants (maximum).



  • Member of the Madeira Chemistry Research Center: exempt from payment
  • Member of the Madeira Chemistry Research Center attending the 1st cycle in Biochemistry, 2nd cycle of Applied Biochemistry and the 2nd cycle of Nanochemistry and Nanomaterials: exempt from payment
  • Student non-member of CQM, attending the 1st cycle of Biochemistry, 1st cycle of Medicine (UMa), 2nd cycle of Applied Biochemistry and 2nd cycle of Nanochemistry and Nanomaterials: 25.00€
  • Former student of UMa (degree obtained less than 5 years ago): 40.00€
  • Others: 50.00€

Notes: 1) The registration fee includes: attendance in class, participation certificate and support material in electronic format (copyright and related rights are applied). 2) Holders of the membership card of the Academic Association of UMa benefit from a 25% discount in the registration fee upon exhibition of a copy of the membership card (only for fees greater than 25€). 3) In case of cancellation of the course for reasons attributable to the organization, the registration fee will be refunded, deducting expenses with bank charges.





Title: "Can luminescent materials improve our health?".


Date: 19 October 2016, 15h00.


Venue: Conference room "Sala do Senado", level -2 (University of Madeira, Campus of Penteada).


Registration: not required, free access.




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