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CQM Conferences - 10 Years: 7th May 2014

Conference: “Nanopaprika.eu - Spicy world of nanoscience” – Scientific social network for nanotechnology researchers

Within the celebrations of 10 years of activities the Madeira Chemistry Research Center (CQM) will organize the conference ““Nanopaprika.eu - Spicy world of nanoscience” – Scientific social network for nanotechnology researchers”, to be presented by Dr. András Paszternák, from the The International NanoScience Community (www.nanopaprika.eu). The conference will be held in the University of Madeira, amphitheater 5level 3, next 7th May 2014, 17h00 (updated!).



Participants must make their registration here, until 6th May 2014. Registration is free of charges except if the participants request a certificate of attendance which has a cost of 5€ (fee not applicable for CQM members).



The lecture will present seven years long development and results of The International NanoScience Community, scientific social network of 7200 nanotechnology researchers from more than 80 countries.  It will be focusing also on following questions:

  • What’s the role of social networking in scientific world?
  • How to use most effectively online tools in scientific career?
  • How to find international partners for research cooperation?
  • What to share and what not to share on the Internet?


About the lecturer

András Paszternák (PhD) is the founder of The International NanoScience Community – www.nanopaprika.eu. Working as a research fellow at the research group of Prof. Lajos Nyikos, Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Budapest, Hungary). He spent more than two years as postdoctoral fellow at research group of Dr. David Zitoun, Institute for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, Bar-Ilan University (Ramat Gan, Israel). Obtained his PhD at the research group of Prof. Erika Kálmán, Chemical Research Center, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Budapest, Hungary) in 2010. Next to scientific social networking he is interested in biosensors, metallic nanostructures, scanning probe microscopy, surface modification with self-assembled monolayers, and electrochemistry.



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