Under the scope of the “Empowering women in chemistry: a global networking event”, promoted by IUPAC, the Madeira Chemistry Research Centre (CQM) has organized a “Breakfast of Chemists and Biochemists Women”.

 The event honored all the women who contribute or have contributed to the advancement of knowledge in Chemistry / Biochemistry and to its disseminations. This gathering included the online connection with other groups of chemists women who shared their experiences and expectations in science.

This year, coinciding with the 150 years of the Periodic Table, IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) also turned 100 years old. Since 1919, IUPAC has been developing a very important work regarding the standardization of weights, measures, names and symbols, that is, the establishment of a "common language" in Chemistry. With this "GLOBAL NETWORKING EVENT", IUPAC intended to pay tribute to all the women who work for Chemistry.

The women of CQM taking part in the IUPAC Global Women’s Breakfast.