Participants of "A Química é Divertida" (Chemistry is Fun).

“A Química é Divertida” (Chemistry is Fun) is a yearly event at CQM and this year we received over 700 participants and for the first time ever a visit from the Senior University.

 “A Química é Divertida” (Chemistry is Fun) has been held annually since 1995 and predates CQM’s birth (in 2004). Every year, hundreds of students discover chemistry and how it is ingrained in our daily lives. This year, CQM received over 700 participants whose ages ranged from 4 to 80 years old since for the first time, students from the Senior University of Funchal participated in the event.

“A Química é Divertida” usually takes place over one and a half day but this year, due to the high number of participants that signed up the event had to be extended to two full days! If you didn’t have the change to attend or just want to reminisce some of the 24 experiments and demonstrations available this year, just watch our latest video.