22 noticias smignani

Within the aim of the CQM TALKS, we have the pleasure to announce the seminar "Thirty years in a big pharmaceutical industry: Lessons learned", by Professor Serge Mignani (Université Paris Descartes): 

"Dear Colleagues,
It is always difficult to summarize and present the essence of a thirty years career spent in a large pharmaceutical company such as Sanofi. The objective of this seminar is to show to our young scientists that we can and must innovate in the pharmaceutical industry in the scientific field to open new opportunities in the framework of finding and developing new drugs. This seminar is a sharing of my skills, lessons learned and knowledge as well human experiences. After my retirement, I had two options: to use my free time for non-scientific purposes or to share my knowledge and expertise in drug discovery with young scientists and new international collaborations. In this direction, very fruitful worldwide collaborations, for instance, with Prof. João Rodrigues (CQM, University of Madeira) started and continues. The main message of this seminar is to have passion for innovation.

Prof Dr. Serge Mignani"

The seminar will be held at the Senate Conference Room, University of Madeira, 06th of April 2022, 15h00.

Registration is open until 5th of April 2022 by submitting the form available here (closed!).