21 Avaliacao Excelente CQM
The CQM makes public that after the international evaluation process, for the period 2013-2017, promoted by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology to all research units, and upon our contest, the new international evaluation panel, not only gave us reason in our complaint, but also recognized the evaluation error made previously.

Now CQM is the single research FCT’s unit entirely based at the Autonomous Region of Madeira with the EXCELLENT rating.

We ensure that this classification will not change what we have always believed in, and will continue to believe: our vision, team, resilience, and work capacity.

We present our deepest thanks to all those who always believed in us, that were attentive at any time, and supportive with our work, carried out over these 17 years, on behalf of the University, the Region, and the Country.

To the CQM’s researchers that made this classification possible, MY THANK YOU!

We will continue, as always, to fulfil our mission the best we know and can, serving the University of Madeira, the Autonomous Region of Madeira and Portugal.

Funchal, Madeira Chemistry Research Centre.

João Rodrigues
Scientific Coordinator of CQM