21 Ignacio Joana welcome

Last February 1st, Joana Pinto (junior researcher), from the University of Madeira, and Ignacio Relaño (visiting researcher), from the University Autonomous of Madrid, Spain, officially became members of CQM, both as PhD students. 

The terms of office were signed after the welcoming presentation made by the CQM Scientific Coordinator, João Rodrigues, who also let them know the most important rules of the CQM internal Regulation. The doctoral project of Joana Pinto, entitled “Acyl-quinic acids their action on gut enzymes and bacteria”, will be carried out entirely at CQM/University of Madeira, with the support of the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). As far of Ignacio Relaño, his PhD thesis, entitled “Uso de la Nanotechnologia frente a vírus de transmision sexual”, will be developed at Hospital General Universitário Gregorio Marañón, in Madrid (Spain), with the collaboration of CQM. Here at CQM he will be making an internship for the next two months.