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From China to Madeira

Interview to Huang Wei, Ph.D. student at CQM

1 - What is your academic background and how did you come to CQM?

I have obtained my master’s degree from Wuhan Textile University. After the training -  rigorous and vigorous - in organic and inorganic chemistry and after having published 3 research papers in my master, I thought I should continue to pursue the academic life, continuing to a Ph.D. study. At the time, my Professor (Shili Xiao) recommend CQM, where she had been 2 years working in a postdoctoral program. When I checked her great publications and information about Madeira Chemistry Research Centre and Madeira Island, I have decided to apply for a Ph.D. program. 

2 - What do you think about the CQM laboratories and types of equipment?

As a research group based in a small university, the laboratories and facilities in CQM are definitely great and enough for most of chemistry and biological project, such as some important analytical instruments SEM, NMR, FTIR etc. So I think is very well equipped.

3 - What are your personal goals for the near future?

After these 4 years of studying in CQM, I would appreciate publishing my project, which is based in piezoelectric electropsun nanofibers and their biological applications. If it is possible, I would like to continue my research and explore much more effect of piezoelectricity on different cells functions, especially in neural tissue engineering and bone regeneration. 

4 - Would you recommend CQM to other colleagues or researchers? Why/Why not?

According to my personal studying experience in CQM, I would like to recommend the students or researchers to work here. Especially, the independent researcher who already can handle their own research. I think it is also an excellent option for those who work and are interested in the dendrimers field. 

5 - How do you feel about living in Madeira Island?

Madeira Island is the greatest place I have ever lived in. I still remember the first expression of ocean view when I have arrived. As we knew, Madeira Island is a paradise garden in the middle of Atlantic, the beautiful mountains, high cliffs, lava pools, magnificent dramatic landscape, exotic flowers, waterfalls, and beaches. It is an obvious dreamland home. So, if you have the opportunity to travel to Madeira,you will like it for sure. One of my favorite Chinese poet Sanmao has described the wind of Madeira as an old Portuguese poem which is cool and warm in your heart. This is exactly my feeling about the locals and my colleagues from Madeira island: it is cool and always warm my heart. 

This interview was slightly edited to increase the clarity and quality of the text.