CQM's "Lab of the Future"

CQM introduced in its "Laboratory of the Future", a system for optimizing resources and increasing productivity based on the Kaizen 5 S's strategy - Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain, and the “Lean Lab” method of Downtime.

Based on these approaches, the Centre intends to optimise the operating processes used in the investigation through the standardisation of the methods of use, organisation, maintenance and cleaning of materials and equipment of the Laboratory, and an efficient management of human and material resources, as well as of costs and working time.

In practical terms, the new operational plan includes: (a) periodic updating of the inventory of materials and reagents, in order to anticipate needs, and minimise expenses and / or other waste; (b) management of access by CQM researchers to the Laboratory of the Future; (c) management of the strategic positioning of material and equipment in the laboratory space, in order to reduce the movements of researchers in carrying out trivial tasks; (d) carrying out regular and preventive maintenance of equipment to avoid damage; (e) periodic elaboration of rules and intuitive signs; (f) standardisation and simplification of the rules for the use of equipment and space, in order to reduce the need for individual training.

With the introduction of this operating strategy in the Laboratory of the Future, CQM hopes to contribute to the creation of a mindset culture of continuous improvement among users / researchers, which values the good functioning of the different laboratories of this National Research Unit, contributing to the efficient management use of available resources, reducing waste, and increasing productivity and efficiency.