The goal of these guidelines is to establish the rights and duties of all those who use CQM SEM service.

  • The right to use the equipment, complying with the established rules, in accordance with the terms approved by the Center;
  • The user is responsible for damages and/or malfunctions in the equipment that is affected by it, if not covered by the warranty and insurance;
  • The user needs to provide the guarantees, when required, to safeguard the damages and/or faults in the equipment;
  • The user should keep the equipment in good working order.

Management of the equipment and organisation

Unit Technician (UT)

A member of the centre designated by public tender whose responsibilities include:

  • Make quarterly reports on the functioning of the Unit. Send to UM.
  • Responsible for the preparation of the hours of use of the equipment according to the norms of operation of the center
  • Make recommendations to UM about updating or purchasing material in order to ensure an efficient service.

Unit User (UU)

 Any researcher, Research or Entity group that requires time to use SEM. UU's are required to complete the sample user/registration form and the equipment logbook in accordance with the Centre's operating rules.

General Guidelines

 These Guidelines are intended to be fair to everyone that uses CQM SEM equipment and as such must be followed by all.

Users that violate these guidelines will be banned from using the microscope.

  • Only authorised users will be granted access to the microscope. In order to be authorised to use the equipment, EVERYONE must first receive training even if you are already familiar with the technique. This is to filter out users that might be afraid to say they can't use the equipment
  • New users must register requesting, to the UM, the user login/password and fill a proper user registration form/sample data (view form). Be advised that your supervisor has to be informed of your SEM registration in advance. E-mail for queries:
  • Please be responsible and careful. Curiosity is good, but not with an expensive equipment
  • Remember that your supervisor may have to pay for your usage time and damages. As such you have to PROPERLY register your analysis time on the log book
  • The final cost of each analysis takes into account the: maintenance costs, analysis type, total user time and user type (academic or industrial). For details about prices and charges applied, check our price table
  • If there is a reservation made YOU HAVE TO RESPECT IT, even if it is an emergency. Don't start an analysis unless there is enough time to finish it before the next person. In the same manner, DO NOT schedule an analysis just moments before you need, plan your time properly or wait for an opening. For more information on time reservation, please contact
  • SEM samples must be properly labelled and should be removed from the SEM sample holder after the analysis is finished. Unlabelled samples will be disposed of
  • ALWAYS register your work in the Logbook
  • Report in the Logbook, any problem with the equipment or software and inform the UT as soon as possible (personally or by email).

Unit manager

João Rodrigues

Unit Technician

Carla Miguel

Type of equipment:

Bench SEM Microscope Phenom - Pro X

Scanning electron Microscope with qualitative and quantitative analysis of the sample chemical composition by EDS (Energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy).

EDS specifications

Range of detected elements: from Boron (Z=5) to Americium (Z=95)

  • Silicon Drift Detector (SDD)
  • Cooled by Peltier effect
  • Optical - magnification: 20-135x
  • Electronic - Magnification: 80-135 000x
  • Optical - LEDs
  • Electronic - CeB6 thermionic source ("Gun"). Voltage: 5, 10 and 15 KV adjustable from 4.8 KV in steps of 1 KV. Resolution=<10nm at 10 KV
Image detectors (electronic)
  • BSD (high sensitivity backscattered electrons detector)
  • SED (secondary electron detector)
  • Rotary knob
  • Sample holders
    • standard [Máximum sample size: 25mm (Ø) x 30mm (height)]
    • with charge reduction [ Máximum sample size: 25mm (Ø) x 30mm (height)]
    • with temperature control [Máximum sample size: 25mm (Ø) x 5mm (height)]
  • Keypad controller
  • Windows 7 PRO LCP
  • ProSuite image acquisition, processing, and analysis
Infrastructure requirements
  • Power Supply
  • Pre-Vacuum pump
  • Chiller Unit