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Two last minute conferences will take place at CQM, next 18 April 2024,  Campus da Penteada, Classroom 20, from 16h00:

"Conductive nanobiocomposite based chemo-resistive transducers for human health monitoring"
by J. F. Feller, PhD Smart Plastics Group, Bretagne Loire University, France

The emergence of internet of things (IoT) in medical applications highlights the potential of conductive polymer nanocomposites (CPC) with smart properties like piezo-, chemo-, and thermo-resistivity. Combining CPC into vapour sensors (vQRS) for e-noses offers promise for early diagnosis of serious diseases, such as cancers and sores development and healing. JFF will present some of his contributions in this field, namely biobased carbon nanorods for lung biomarker detection and the use of polysaccharides to enhance sensor affinity for polar molecules, alongside data analysis for diagnostic insights.

Jean-François Feller (JFF) is a renowned expert in the physical-chemistry of polymer nanocomposites at the University of South Brittany and head of the Smart Plastics group. JFF has a Ph.D in Plastics & Biopolymer Materials. His research focuses on developing smart sensors using conductive polymer nanocomposites for health monitoring and environmental sensing. JFF has authored patents related to polymer dynamics and sensing methods and has delivered numerous talks on topics such as carbon nanotubes' influence on epoxy properties and graphene quantum resistive sensors.

"Towards more eco-responsible coatings"
by Isabelle Linossier, PhD Bretagne-Sud University, France

 Antifouling paints are the predominant method for combating organism colonization on submerged marine surfaces, owing to their ease of use and affordability. Extensive research has focused on enhancing their durability and efficacy against biofouling, although often at the expense of the environment. IL will present us some results of the various projects developed within the LBCM in recent years aiming to develop paints and coatings with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Isabelle Linossier (IL), from the Laboratory of Marine Biotechnology and Chemistry (LBCM), is a Professor of Materials Engineering in the University South Brittany. IL got a PhD in 1995 devoted to the use of infrared spectroscopy to study polymer/substrate interfacial area. IL research activities and skills include physicochemical characterization of bacteria and substrates, formulation and study of antifouling paints and marine biofilms, the effect of viscoelastic properties on the bioadhesion, physico-chemistry and polymer´s synthesis.


Date: 18 April 2024
Schedule: from 16h00 (PT, Lisbon time)
Venue: University of Madeira, Campus of Penteada, Classroom 20.
Fee: Free admittance for registered participants.

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