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As part of its advanced training activities for human resources, the Madeira Chemistry Research Centre (CQM) will organize, on the 16th and 17th of March of 2023, the course “Nucleic acid secondary structures: characterization and applications (a hands-on approach)”, which is particularly aimed to master's and doctoral students and other CQM researchers.

This course will be taught by Professor Carla Cruz, a researcher at the Centre for Research in Health Sciences at the University of Beira Interior and leader of the G4Lab research group. Professor Carla Cruz's trip to Madeira follows her participation, together with CQM researchers, in the pan-European network "Cancer Nanomedicine from the Bench to the Bedside", which aims to treat cancer using nanomedicine and is financed by the COST-European Cooperation in Science and Technology.


16th March 2023  17th March 2023 
09h30-12h30 (Room 0.57)  Theoretical session:

-Nucleic acids secondary structures: introduction and applications (biomarkers and therapeutics)
-Nucleic acids secondary structures: biophysical techniques for structure evaluation by FRET-MC, NMR, UV.

 Theoretical session:

-Anticancer small molecules for the targeting of nucleic acid secondary structures

-Interactions between small molecules and nucleic acids secondary structures: biophysical evaluation by FRET-melting, TO displacement, KD determination.

(Lab. Ens. 6)

Hands-on session:

-Sample preparation

-Salt effect evaluation on nucleic acids secondary structures: NMR, UV, FRET-MC

Hands-on session:

-Sample preparation

-Binding/stabilization of nucleic acids secondary structures with small molecules using FRET-melting and fluorometric titrations


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  Registration is limited to the CQM MSc and PhD students (priority), and other CQM researchers only