23 noticias nmr course

From 06th to 08th of February of 2023 the Madeira Chemistry Research Centre will hold a new edition of the Winter School @CQM. Within this aim, Professor István Bányai is the invited lecturer of the "NMR Hands on Course“.

István Bányai is Professor of Physical Chemistry at the Department of Physical Chemistry, University of Debrecen, Faculty of Science and Technology (Hungary) and his scientific activities are focused on the structure and dynamics of rare earth metal complexes, dynamic NMR of metal complexes and colloidal systems, synthesis and characterization of nano-sized macromolecules and their metal complexes and low-field NMR for porous materials. He has officially registered about 95 publications and according to the Google Scholar has received more than 2400 citations. His Hirsch index is 31.

Course short description:
1. Theoretical basis
Probability approach of self-diffusion. The average displacement. Hindered and restricted diffusion. Connection between the hydrodynamic size and diffusion coefficient.

2. NMR approach
The basics of NMR relaxation. Pulse sequences, parameter optimization. Planning diffusion experiments. Running experiments on nanoparticles. Q-DOSY.

3. Processing of diffusion NMR data
1D parameter fitting, using TopSpin and MestreNova softwares. 2D DOSY representation. Processing with MestreNova and Bruker TopSpin and Bruker Dynamic Center softwares.

Schedule: 09h30 - 12h30

Venue: University of Madeira, Penteada Building, Room 0.57

Registration: Limited to the CQM MSc and PhD students, and CQM senior researchers only.

Vacancies: 10 participants.

Submit your registration here (closed!), until 30th of January of 2023.