Mendeleev Premium (Md) Platinum (Pt) Gold (Au) Silver(Ag) Registration Card Sponsor (RCS)1,2 Lunch Ticket Sponsor (LTS)1,2 Display table (DT) (Conference Dinner)1,2 Advertisement (ASP) (Single page)2
Sponsorship values ≥25000€ ≥15000€ and <25000€ ≥10000€ and <15000€ ≥5000€ and <10000€ 4500€ 2500€ 2000€ 1000€ (LHP) or
750€ (RHP)
Name/Logo on ID11 website with link
Name/Logo in the Abstract book and on the main background wall
Conference dinner
Free registration fees (lodging not included) 6 5 4 3 2 2 1 0
Roll-up (Registration hall)3
1 VIP seat in the open section First
Page in the abstract book2 (Single page, LHP) (1/2 page, LHP) (1/3 page horizontal, LHP)
Exhibition stand (Registration hall)3
Material in the participant’s bag – A4 flyer/leaflet or a single page pamphlet. Maximum 2 per participant)4
10-minute lecture Mail hall Parallel Section
Video played at least 10 times (Main Hall)5
Madeira de Honra to the participants and the inclusion of the company name in the scientific program)1,6
The inclusion of the Company Logo3 on the Excursion ticket and the scientific program1,7
Full-color lanyards with the sponsor brand1,2
Advertisement (page A4)2

1Name on… 
2Final art not included – To be supplied by the sponsor/company preferably in vector format. 
3Only space is offered. The exhibitors are responsible for the assembling (14th of July in the afternoon) and removing (not after the 18th of July in the afternoon) of the upright structure. They should use their stand which must not damage the floor of the Registration Hall.
4IMPORTANT NOTE: The material (A4 flyer/leaflet, catalogues or other material/gifts) must be delivered to the Conference Hotel, not later than one week before the beginning of the Conference. After this date, we will not guarantee the inclusion of any material in the participant’s bag. 
5Video provided by the sponsor (Maximum 2 min.). 
6Madeira de Honra sponsored by...” - The Madeira de Honra cost is included. 
7“Excursion sponsored by…” - The Excursion cost is included. 
LHP: Left-hand-page (verso).
RHP: Right-hand page (recto).


For more information, conditions and other rates, please be free to contact us.

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