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CQM Seminar

Registration is open to attend the CQM Seminar with Professor Serge Mignani and Professor Xiangyang Shi.

From 26th to 29th November 2018 CQM will organize a Seminar for students of the Masters degrees in Nanochemistry and Nanomaterials, and Applied Biochemistry as well as for PhD students in Chemistry. The seminar is organized in three sessions as indicated below and will have Professor Serge Mignani and Professor Xiangyang Shi as lecturers.


26 and 28/nov > 09h-11h
“Druggability concepts in medicinal chemistry, why and how to evaluate? Applications to find new drugs”
by Prof. Serge Mignani

29/nov > 09h-11h
“Design of polymer nanogel-based platforms for cancer theranostics”
by Prof. Xiangyang Shi

Venue: UMa, Campus da Penteada, conference room 0.57. 
Vacancies: 30 participants.
Registration: make your registration here, until 24th November.

Virginia Moreno García, a PhD student from University of Castilla-La Mancha who has been working at CQM for the past few months will present her work on the 24th of October at 14:30 at room 0.57.


The conference “Development of new analytical procedures which involve nanomaterials in food samples” will delve into the relationship of nanotechnology and Analytical Chemistry.

Registration is not required for this conference. You view the conference’s abstract and poster below.


Nanotechnology is an extension of miniaturization that adds new aspects and properties due to the drastic reduction in size, that can reach the molecular scale. In addition, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology have a delicate relationship with Analytical Chemistry since, nanomaterials can be used both as analytical tools or as an analytical object (analytes). This two-faced relationship will be the topic of this conference/lecture which, will cover both topics from the point of view of developing new analytical procedures involving nanomaterials in food samples.
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