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Bridging the Gap


In present-day society, there is a notorious decrease in interest in scientific disciplines such as Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. With the aim of narrowing this existent gap between science and society, the CQM created “Bridging the Gap®” which is a project that strives to bring science to the general population through various dynamic and interactive scientific educational initiatives.


A major goal of the project involves educating and alerting all members of society as to the importance of science, namely Chemistry and Biochemistry, on the socioeconomic development of the Autonomous Region of Madeira. As such, the project is open to people of all ages and strives to undertake the task of disseminating science at schools, old age homes and other interested entities through stimulating and motivating activities.


This new initiative of the CQM complements the regular annual activity “A Química é Divertida®”. Not only will it provide participants with the opportunity to visit the CQM facilities, but they will also be able to interact directly with researchers working within the Centre. Presentations, lectures, exhibitions, as well as interactive experimental and educational activities, will also form part of the activities.


“Bridging the Gap®” is the CQM’s contribution to disseminating science to the general population of Madeira and Porto Santo. Through this project, we hope to stimulate, motivate and capture people of all ages illustrating the importance of science on the development of society in general. In addition to this, it is anticipated that the project will serve as launching pad for a more elaborate science dissemination initiative that can be applied to other regions of Portugal.



Plan 1 – “Bridging the Gap®” at the CQM laboratories (groups of up to 25)

Introduction to the Centre;
Guided tour of the CQM laboratories/facilities;
Q&A session between participants and researchers.


Plan 2 – “Bridging the Gap®” at the host Institution/Association/Business

Experimental activities suited to age/level of education;
Q&A session between participants and researchers.


Plan 3 – “Bridging the Gap® - A day in the laboratory at the CQM” (groups of up to 25)

Introduction to the Centre;
Guided tour of the CQM laboratories/facilities;
Practical/experimental work;
Q&A session between participants and researchers.


Plan 4 – “Bridging the Gap® - Exhibition”

- Dependent on the age/level of education of the participants, the different plans may be subject to alterations.
- Each participant must have insurance coverage from their institution/association. Where applicable, parental consent must also be provided.




To determine if the desired date is available, please consult the events calendar here.



Past Activities

For information regarding past activities, please click here.




To participate in the project “Bridging the Gap®”, the teacher/instructor/coordinator from the registering institution may select from the different plans under offer. Factors to be taken into account during registration include the age/level of education of the participants, the objectives defined by the teacher/instructor/coordinator, the number of participants in attendance and the time availability.


The different programs under offer vary in content and are destined for different levels of education. The duration of the session/activity and the exploration of the different topics will be exclusively adapted to the age/level of education of the participants.


In order to cover any costs associated with the activity (transport, reagents, educational material, etc.), each program will have an associated fee which must be covered by the participating entities. Depending on the character of the institution, some entities may be partially or fully exempt from payment of the program fees. Should any queries or concerns arise, please contact us using the contact information provided below.


Note: Should any scheduling conflicts arise between “Bridging the Gap®” and the registering entity, the activity can be scheduled for an alternative date and time. In the case of different entities registering for the same date and time, requests will be processed on a first come first served basis.


Registration form: Click here to register.


Request for further information: For further information or clarification on the activities under offer, please click here.





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