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MS Equipment

The equipment installed in CQM/UMa within the National Program for Scientific Re-equipment/FCT integrates the Portuguese Mass Spectrometry Network .The rules of access and use of equipment, and the rights and obligations of users are regulated by a Model Management (PDF in Portuguese), agreed amongst all participants in the network, and by the regulation of the operation of each node (RFN).

Project reference: REDE/1508/REM/2005

Coordinator: João Rodrigues

Node Manager: José Câmara

Technical Unit: Ying Li

Type of equipament: B – Small equipment

  • Mass  Spectrometer  type Ion trap multipolar (System LCMSMS Bruker Esquire 6000) with  ESI e APCI sources, capacity MSn.
  • Liquid chromatograph coupled (DIONEX ULTIMATE 3000 Fast Separation LC) with a detector of diodes (PDA 3000) and collector of fractions.
  • Computer HP XW6200.
  • Software: COMPASS including SmartSuite for automatic optimization of all experimental parameters and Chromeleon®.
  • Nitrogen generator with compressor, Model NM30L da Peak Scientific.

Total investment≈ 166000€

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