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Project reference: REDE/1517/RMN/2005, PTNMR 2013Rede NMR

The CQM NMR Laboratory

The Nuclear Magnet Laboratory of the Centro de Química da Madeira (CQM, University of Madeira) is integrated in the national NMR network and its main objectives is to support research being performed in the centre. Other important duties include the training of researchers and students integrated on the Biochemistry (BSc and MSc) and Nanochemistry and Nanotechnology (MSc) degrees. Furthermore, the CQM NMR lab is open to external service (private or other public institutions) providing as well as to other members of the national network.

The NMR Technique

The NMR technique is based on the behaviour of atomic nuclei under the influence of a magnetic field. It is commonly used in medicine (magnetic resonance imaging) as well as in chemistry, biochemistry and materials for the structural elucidation and/or quantification of chemical compounds.

Depending on the basic equipment set-up (including the probe head) and on the accessories, the NMR can be used for research and development, and also routinely for qualitative and quantitative analysis:

  • Qualitative analysis: identification of unknown compounds or mixtures;
  • Quantitative analysis: determining the purity of samples or mixtures.


  • Identification of unknown compounds: formulation and quality control, certification of authenticity of products, characterization of the purity of a compound, forensic research in the field of fraud or crimes against public health.
  • Characterization of new compounds: research and development of new compounds for applications in areas ranging from medicine, environment, natural products to nanomaterials.

Some examples of technological routine applications

  • Food industry: identification and characterization of oils and fats;
  • Pharmaceutical industry: identification and structural characterization of new compounds and natural products for biomedical application;
  • Industry of paints and plastics: identification and characterization of structural polymers.
If you are not affiliated with CQM/UMa and would like to perform NMR characterization, please contact us (cqmnmr"at"gmail.com) and check the pricing.

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